Case Studies

Lakeshore Blvd

Multi-residential building with 112 units

Enhanced ASHRAE Level 2 audit:

  • Analysis of historical electricity, gas and water consumption
  • Assessment of boiler plant efficiency and performance
  • Complete catalogue of electricity uses including fans, pumps, lighting and elevators
  • Measurement of in-suite water consumption

Opportunities identified:

Six conservation measures identified. Estimated cost of $64,000 and expected savings of $41,000 per year, providing 1.5 year payback.

  1. Heating Control, Mixing Valves & Ventilation
  2. Variable Speed Drives for Ventilation Control
  3. Parking Garage Ceiling Insulation
  4. In-Suite Water Recommissioning
  5. Efficient Lighting and Control

In-suite water recommissioning program:

  • High-efficiency showerheads and faucet aerators installed
  • Toilet flappers replaced and toilets adjusted
  • Leaking fixtures repaired or replaced
  • Hot water use reduced, saving natural gas
  • Daily water monitoring to track performance and protect results

Water Recommissioning Results

Water Savings: $29,700 per year (32%)
Natural Gas Savings: $2,200 per year (11%)
Total Utility Savings: $31,900 per year
Project Cost: $15,800
Return on Investment: 6 month payback period


14 tons of natural gas is being saved annually as a direct result of this work, which is equivalent to removing 3 cars from the road!


Project Results