Realize your building's energy potential

Hourly meter readings and in-depth analysis

uncover major conservation opportunities.

Science-based solutions, verified savings

We take a scientific approach and focus on results,

launching your building into the 21st century.

Updated every hour, every day

By reading your utility meters every hour, we gain

unparalleled insight into your building’s operation.

Discover your goldmine of savings

Energy and water conservation are

some of the best investments you can make.

Improve comfort and livability

Older buildings don’t have to be uncomfortable buildings.

Enhance the indoor environment while saving energy.

What property owners are saying...

There are huge financial savings to be had by monitoring your utilities carefully. Having that kind of a handle on one’s operations is probably worth 20-25% of the annual fuel bill... it’s a large sum of money.

Adam Krehm Co-owner ,

O'Shanter Development Company


Proven Water and Energy

Conservation Services

Watershed is a science and technology firm, focused on energy and water conservation in multi-residential apartment buildings. As leaders in the sustainability industry, we offer a range of products and services that help property managers reduce the operating costs of their building portfolios.

If you’re a building owner experiencing high utility bills, Watershed can help you reduce costs on gas, water, and electricity. By working closely with our clients we ensure they achieve significant savings year after year. We are involved in a wide range of environmental projects including building energy audits, utility monitoring, Interval Data Optimization (IDO), and water conservation. We can help you implement efficient cost-saving technologies like variable speed drives, condensing boilers, and LED lighting.

Our projects are based on optimizing performance through hourly utility monitoring. Hourly, real-time data can unlock a goldmine of savings by shedding light on better energy control and water management. We compare your buildings performance against industry benchmarks to determine the best opportunities for savings.

However you approach energy and water conservation, Watershed can help.
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Water and Gas Savings Since 2017

Water Savings

87,360 m3 water

=29,120,000 Toilet Flushes
=1,150,000 Showers
= 727 Canadian’s annual water consumption

Gas Savings

2,450 tonnes CO2

= 9,675,000 Kilometres driven by the average car
= 63,500 Trees grown for 10 years
= 265 Canadian home’s total annual energy consumption

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