Energy Auditing

Looking to make broad and lasting reductions in your utility costs? The first step in developing a comprehensive conservation strategy is an energy audit. An effective energy audit will provide valuable insight into how energy is being used in your building, identify cost-effective strategies for reducing consumption, and accurately project the costs and benefits.

Science-based solutions

With the increasing number of energy conservation products and services available, it is more important than ever to have a long-term conservation strategy for intelligent investment. All too often one-size-fits-all solutions are proposed by sales-oriented energy consultants without a detailed analysis of the existing building systems. Watershed takes a customized science-based approach, helping you develop an informed plan for real results.

Comprehensive approach

Because of Watershed’s unique focus on multi-residential buildings, we have enhanced our program to go beyond traditional energy audits in a number of key areas.

  • Water – Often overlooked, water can represent up to 40% of utility costs in multi-residential buildings. In addition to analysis of natural gas and electricity, our program includes detailed in-suite measurement and investigation of water consumption.
  • Hourly utility data – Examining building performance on an hourly level provides insight not available with monthly utility bills. Watershed’s EnergyBrain system allows us to obtain high-quality historical utility data for your building, often going back years. (learn more)
  • Operational improvements – Our hands-on experience recommissioning existing buildings allows us to identify low-cost operational improvements with high returns, rather than focusing on expensive capital projects.

Our energy audits frequently uncover a range of conservation opportunities with payback periods of less than three years. Unlike traditional energy audit providers, Watershed also offers a range of in-house conservation services, allowing for seamless transition between audit planning and project implementation.

Did you know? The IESO offers an incentive that typically covers 50% of Watershed’s energy audit cost. (learn more)

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