Utility Monitoring

Are you relying on monthly bills to manage your building’s utility usage?

Effective utility management requires detailed data and dynamic reporting not possible with utility bills.

Watershed has developed EnergyBrain, a utility monitoring system that connects your meters to the internet for continuous analysis and easily understood feedback. Through EnergyBrain, building performance can be greatly enhanced through Interval Data Optimization (IDO) [Patent Pending] – the fine tuning of building systems based on interval data.

EnergyBrain provides the tools for a busy manager to target opportunities and maintain building performance.

How does it work?

Our science works for you round-the-clock to ensure performance and warn of problems before they multiply.

  • By connecting your utility meters to the Internet and gathering data every hour, EnergyBrain provides continuous feedback about your building’s performance.
  • EnergyBrain alerts warn of sudden increases in usage when they occur, and identify opportunities to save months before the utility bill arrives.
  • By comparing your utility consumption with weather and performance standards, EnergyBrain’s monitoring evaluates your buildings performance over time and in relation to a database of similar sites.
  • The EnergyBrain team works with users to identify savings opportunities and implement conservation strategies. Feedback is available the moment improvements are made, allowing for adjustment and optimization not possible with monthly utility bills.

EnergyBrain customers have seen savings of up to 25% or more on their utility bills. See testimonials here.


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