Who We Are

Since our inception in 1977, we have been bringing science-based solutions to building management. We first made a name for ourselves in the sustainability industry, manufacturing and installing solar thermal panels. In recent years Watershed has been involved in a wide range of projects including building automation, Interval Data Optimization (IDO), utility monitoring, and energy and water conservation services. We have developed unique expertise in the multi-residential building sector.

Our projects are based on optimizing building performance through hourly utility monitoring. Using Interval Data, we can fine tune controls, identify water leaks, and create savings that are simply not visible through monthly utility bills.

We enjoy working closely with our clients, ensuring they achieve long-term success and reduced operating costs.  The results of our projects are remarkable, frequently saving 20% or more in utility costs. Typical projects have paybacks in the range of one year, and continue saving year after year.

We offer a range of products and services using a unique and proven approach:

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                  The Watershed Team inaugurating our new office at 40 Kodiak, Toronto
     The Watershed Team 2017 Corporate Volunteer Day – Shoreline cleanup at Sunnyside Park!