Renewable Energy and Co-generation

To achieve a balanced future for our children and grand-children, renewable energy is the only viable path ahead.

Every month, every year, renewable economics are improving, to the extent that in many jurisdictions, renewable energy from wind and solar is now competitive with grid power.  Projects worldwide are growing exponentially.

We foresee a future where Canada embraces an intelligent nation-wide electrical grid, one where hydro power provides the storage capacity needed to balance intermittent renewable sources from wind and solar, where nuclear energy is a thing of the past, where oil is largely left in the ground, and vehicles are electrically powered.

We have the technology, and Watershed has experience to offer. Our history began as a solar company, winning awards in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s with thermal solar installations in Ontario and across Canada. Recently we have managed solar projects, such as a thermal solar project at 33 Coatsworth in Toronto, and the Toronto Healthy House, commissioned by CMHC in Toronto’s Riverdale district.

Watershed is also experienced with cogeneration, the mechanical production of electricity along with heat, using an internal combustion engine.  In 2008, we were selected as project managers for a 335 kW cogeneration system at 341 Bloor in downtown Toronto, a complex project that integrated with both the heating and electrical systems of the building, as well as providing for emergency power.  In 2014, Watershed went on to provide the building controls through our experience with Building Automation and IDO.

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