HVAC Recomissioning

Are you a manager or owner of an older apartment building heated by hot water radiators? Do your tenants complain of overheating or do they open windows, especially in the spring and fall “shoulder” seasons?  If so, some small changes in your mechanical room could save you as much as 30% in annual energy costs.

Overheated and underperforming

Most older multi-residential buildings have no in-suite temperature control. Instead, temperatures must be controlled at the building level, in the boiler room. In many cases a minimum temperature of 55 °C is required to protect the boilers, regardless of the actual heating requirement. The result is overheated suites, causing residents to open windows during the winter and your natural gas bills to skyrocket.

Taking control

A few intelligent upgrades to your mechanical system can allow for reduced temperatures while still protecting your boilers. At the same time, better control of ventilation, snow melt systems, parking garage heaters and other HVAC systems provide additional savings. Watershed’s web-enabled Interval Data Optimization (IDO) system ensures efficient building operation at all levels.

Maximizing savings

The key to achieving results is careful optimization of the heating control system. All too often high quality equipment is installed and is functional, but is never carefully tuned and optimized. Watershed’s unique program includes three critical components:

  • Building control algorithms developed specifically for multi-residential buildings (learn more)
  • Detailed in-suite temperature monitoring, providing continuous feedback
  • Interval Data Optimization allowing for constant performance surveillance (learn more)

Our focus on results means that equipment installation is only the first step. No project is complete until energy savings are verified and you receive a return on your investment. Our cost effective approach results in typical payback periods of less than 2 years.

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