Research and Development

Our inspiration, our passion at Watershed is research into energy and water conservation.

In a finite world, we bring new science-based solutions to improve how we use resources.

In recent years we have developed EnergyBrain, our utility dashboard which tracks hourly utility consumption, providing benchmarking and alerts to optimize building performance.

Our research today focuses on Interval Data Optimization (IDO), an intelligent building automation system which learns how the building is working, and adapts to maximize performance.  In the past, building control was more of an educated guess, based on outside temperature.  IDO measures its own success, continually learning from suite temperatures and hourly consumption data.  This breakthrough is creating major savings for clients. (see Building Automation).

Going back in time, Watershed has developed other products for improved control, such as a thermostat which measures building efficiency, a control for clothes dryers that knows when the clothes are ready, and even a pre-cursor to the solar wall. As part of EnergyBrain, we have developed a method of spotting water leaks using interval data, and scanning a building portfolio.

We believe that making things transparent leads to better management, and the way ahead is a sunny one.

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