There are huge financial savings to be had by monitoring your utilities carefully. Having that kind of a handle on one’s operations is probably worth 20-25% of the annual fuel bill... it’s a large sum of money.

Adam Krehm Co-owner ,

O'Shanter Development Company

Watershed has done great work for Realstar, saving us 20-30% on our water bills and providing an excellent return on investment.  I would recommend Watershed to any company wishing to reduce building utility costs.

Shawn Ruff Manager, Sustainability and Construction ,

Realstar Management Partnership

Watershed implemented the project in just over a week and we received preliminary results almost immediately. We saved $33,000 in water and $12,000 in energy costs annually, recouping the initial investment in months.

Barry Glina Residential Portfolio Manager ,

Monterey Park Inc.

Watershed has been providing services for our building group for over a decade, consistently achieving excellent energy and water savings. I'd be glad to recommend Watershed for any project.

Yochonan Buksbaum President ,

OZ Property Management

Watershed's utility monitoring and building automation system resulted in natural gas savings of 30%. Three years later, we are still saving $30,000 annually. Watershed has provided excellent service and I frequently recommend them to others.

Mac Champsee Owner ,

Rainbow Realty Inc.