Water Conservation

Would you like to significantly reduce the cost of your monthly water bills? The cost of water has more than doubled in the past 10 years and the need for water conservation is more urgent than ever.

Watershed offers a water recommissioning service that has been proven to reduce whole building water costs by 20% or more, with a payback that is typically less than a year (see Testimonials).

We guarantee results and provide hourly water monitoring to prove it.

index.iconsHow does it work?

The water recommissioning program includes:

  • A detailed audit and comprehensive report quantifying water saving opportunities;
  • Connecting your water meter to the internet to provide hourly monitoring on your desktop (learn more about hourly utility monitoring);
  • A suite-by-suite retrofit of plumbing fixtures

What’s behind the savings?

  • High efficiency faucet aerators
  • High efficiency showerheads
  • Toilet adjustment & flapper or flush valve seal replacement
  • Replacement of leaking fixtures

What’s the secret?

  • Save on water, save on energy – Reducing water use means less energy is needed to make hot water, which leads to saving even more on utilities.
  • Monitoring & evaluation of savings – Track and guarantee the savings from your retrofits. With over 15 years experience monitoring and evaluating water and energy conservation, we deliver savings you can trust.

With a typical payback period of less than a year, the Save on Water program is an excellent investment opportunity.

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