Building Automation

Interval Data Optimization (IDO)

Your building automation system is the intelligent command centre for your building and is the key to efficient building operation.

A different approach

Our approach to building automation is unique. Our focus on multi-residential buildings and our broad knowledge of building science and mechanical systems allows us to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific building.

The foundation of our service is our patented Interval Data Optimization technique.  Hourly interval data allows insight into building performance that “previous building managers could only dream of” [Adam Krehm, O’Shanter Developments].

  • Technology – We custom design and build affordable control systems with unique control algorithms developed specifically for multi-residential buildings. Interval Data Optimization provides building specific analysis to maximize system functionality and performance.
  • Science – With Master’s degrees in science and engineering, we bring a deeper understanding of building physics and energy use to every project.
  • Results – We focus on giving you results you can use, not just data. Analysis of both water and energy usage with our proprietary software allows for continual fine-tuning to maximize your return on investment.

We don’t walk away from you

Building automation systems left by themselves simply do not function effectively. All too often high quality equipment is installed and operates, but is never carefully tuned and optimized.

We analyze your buildings systematically. Focusing on Interval Data Optimization, we continually fine tune and optimize your systems to achieve consistent reductions in energy use of 20-40%. Unlike traditional controls companies, we don’t walk away from you. Installing our system is just the beginning for us to maximize and maintain your system’s performance and profit through Targeting, Tracking, Analysis and Adjustment.

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