Case Studies

Forest Manor Rd

Multi-residential building with 128 units
Completed May 2012

Advanced building automation system & sensors:

  • Installed web-accessible automation system
  • Intelligent boiler control algorithms
  • Temperature sensors in garage
  • Additional monitoring of solar thermal system

Targeted improvements in building envelope:

  • Four inches of insulation on the garage ceiling
  • Increased ground level floor temperatures
  • Reduced overall building heating requirement

Interval Data Optimization and Performance Surveillance:

  • Tracking energy use every day, every hour
  • Using performance feedback to optimize energy output
  • Eliminating energy waste and maximizing results

Project Results

Natural Gas Savings: 67,000 m3 per year (28%)
Reduction in Utility Costs: $20,000 per year
Project Cost: $16,000
Return on Investment: 10 month payback period

Additional Benefits:

  • Improved resident comfort and reduced overheating
  • Reduced staff maintenance and workload
  • Ongoing Performance Surveillance to protect savings


Project Results